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Originally Posted by Shuda View Post
Hello, new guy here (first post actually) ^^.

Reference Picture:

Putting price/time aside, what do you think would be the best material for this attire?

Wiki Description: Grimmjow's attire consists of a white hakama, a black sash and a ragged white jacket with an upturned collar. The inner lining of his jacket is black, the sleeves are rolled up.

Ok, so I've seen some people use leather or venyl for the jacket. If I purchase it online it's most likely going to be a cheap and overpriced cloth. It will most definitely be sewed, I jsut need some tips/advice on materials ^^.

Thank you!
Hah, something I can help with! I've made Bleach soul reaper costumes before, and I pretty much swear by something JoAnn's has that they call "Linen look solids". It is a linen/rayon blend that is extremely comfortable, machine washable, doesn't wrinkle much, and looks pretty good. (Instructions say machine wash cool delicate, tumble dry, cool iron. It does just fine tossed in the normal cycle, tumble dry, and if you don't let it sit in the dryer and hang it up right away, it doesn't even need ironing unless you feel like it.) It has a nice drape and weight, breathes *much* better than pleather, and is thick enough that you maaaay be able to get away with not lining the pants, if you wear skin tone undershorts. (Make sure to have someone take a picture, with flash, to make sure of this though! Flash can do weird things to some white/light fabrics!)

The fabric comes in both black and white, though you should make sure to wash the black especially to make sure the color is set. I've never had trouble, even with the red, navy, or brown colors, but you can never be too careful. The only thing this fabric doesn't do well is take dye, though on the upside, it doesn't stain very easily either. Don't leave unfinished edges, make sure to at least fray stop cut ends, as this is a woven fabric and will ravel if you just cut a tattered edge and leave it. Because this is a softer fabric with a more natural drape than pleather or quilter's cotton, you will probably need to stiffen the waistband to get the edge to stick up properly, and you may want to use shoulder pads to get the higher/sharper shoulders on that coat. You may also need to consider some sort of stiffener or fastener to get the collar to stand up and the sleeves to stay rolled and crisp looking. Another plus? This fabric, when cut nice and full for a long coat or hakama, billows dramatically when you walk quickly. Hope that helped, let me know if you want more info!

Link to fabric on Jo-Ann website:
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