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Have you considered swim fabrics? Maybe a double-layer of whatever it is they make swim trunks out of would be a good choice? The concept art looks like it has some move and lightness to it, though the figurine looks more like wetsuit material or the ever-popular leather/pleather, though the wrinkles at the waist and the backview leg seem to suggest a thinner material. Also, the shorts and overall top are one material, the pouch is another. The pouch is probably leather.

The yellow shirt looks like a ribbed knit, to my eye. The hood looks more like a jersey knit. You may be able to get a ribbed yellow sweater or turtleneck to use as the base, and just cut it down, in the interest of time. The hood could maybe be scavenged from a lightweight (not sweatshirt) pullover/zip up hoodie. If you have a hard time finding something, and your fabric stores have bad hours, you could possibly hit your local walmart/kmart/target/sears/bed, bath and beyond, or whatever huge store that sells sheets cheap is near you, and get one of those jersey knit or even flannel pillowcases to cut up and use for fabric.

For the shorts, I'd suggest going to a sporting goods store (which might also be a good place to feel up different things to get ideas for the overalls), and getting yourself a pair of bike shorts, then adding the blue panels, which could possibly be a leather-type material as a sort of armor, though probably not suede. Actually, now that I say may be able to find something meant for fishermen to use as a base for the overalls, saving yourself a lot of time and effort. I don't know for sure, though, it is just a suggestion.

For the red mesh, if time is short and you are willing to spend a might want to try using skinny red girls/ladies belts. Try to avoid the really shiny ones, look for a matte finish. The edges would be finished, they would have a bit of stiffness, but still be flexible so you could move your arm some. Wire might break with repeated bending of the elbow.
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