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Originally Posted by KaiScarz View Post
I've only done Kyo once, was nothing big just a outfit i threw together last minute so i don't even know if that counts ahaha but i know someone who is a big Kyo cosplayer. He's cosplayed more Kyo costumes then i can remember and he is really good at them. Check him out if you want. His DA is Link
Oh yeah, he's a great cosplay. He actually did a version of Kyo from my friend's fanfic May All Be Pain or Love, which was really cool.

Originally Posted by Miss Jely View Post
It seems like the hardest thing about cosplay is the hair. Maybe the shoes, too, I don't know. Even if it is super simple outfit, I want to do Kyo SO BAD. Which the very simplest would be topless, like he does at concerts, but I can't do that.
Some of Kyo's older outfits with the suits and ties can be easier to do. You could even do his look from the Final like your icon. Because of the hair and the make-up, it's really easily recognized even if the outfit itself is just a suit.
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