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Originally Posted by Shiizuma View Post
@animejunkie: I COMPLETELY an overexagagerated what I meant! D: I really just wanted to call it something that I know a lot of people refer to it as. I didn't mean to offend or upset you by calling it depression. I know it's not actually the condition, and I didn't mean to make light of it either. ): Sorry sorry sorry!
Don't worry about it, I'm not offended at all, no need to apologize ^_^. I just wanted to make the point that it's not healthy for anyone to allow themselves to be depressed after the end of a convention.

I'll be the first to admit that after five days of being among fellow otaku and being fully immersed in the experience of a con that returning to real life is not the easiest thing to do...I've had periods where it took me over a week to finally get over a con (I think that was post AX 2011). I forgot to mention, but if there are any anime groups in your area you should join one to meet fellow otaku year round (if you aren't already); that's another good way to pass the time between cons.
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