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I agree on the not needing to be an expert to run panels. I had such a fear of doing it, and last year I started hosting some on cosplay at a smaller con in my hometown and when I applied to run another one this year the head of the cosplay staff was so excited that I wanted to do it again. She said it was really well received and reviewed (on a somewhat related note I was asked to be a guest judge for their cosplay contest this year, which was like "OMG!!!! Awesome!"). You honestly never know what you might learn from others, experts or not though. We can all teach each other stuff.

And just four months...I haven't gotten a chance to start my cosplay for A-kon because I have commissions to get out of the way first. I figure if I have April and May to take care of Caterina and Juvia I should be okay, though Caterina is going to be a lot of appliqueing. At least I have the wigs and boots for both characters, and most of my fabrics and my boning for Caterina. I should be able to get started soon.
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