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Aimee, your belle gown is perfect *-*

My newest Ariel wig is from and here's two stacked together..I still haven't styled it lol I should get to that. Is their dark red. I love it cause it reminds me of my first wig. Of course, they messed up my order horribly :/ buy at your own risk lol

Progress, I finished the 2nd Tink dress commission I just need to paint it tomorrow. Woop 3 day costume xD

Then I get to start my Rapunzel commission.

And THEN my own things .- . Hoping to have time to squeeze in my Ariel gown or tail as well .-. I need new shells though. Out grew my old ones xP seeing my wig again has made me want to wear her.

Speaking of wigs, my new Periwinkle wig is being styled 8D so excited!
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