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Name of Commissioner FM-Anime
Website/ gallery
Character commissioned and series/video game Hotarubi (Basilisk). Whole costume consisting out of a purple kimono and a pink sash. 70 USD including shipping.
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item

Character: http://moe.animecharactersdatabase.c...k/Hotarubi.png
I don't have pictures of the costume, unfortunately. I did send FM-Anime pictures, but I can no longer find them on my computer.

Contacted: September 25, 2012
Response back with commission quote: October 6, 2012
Ordered: October 7, 2012
Shipped: November 17, 2012
Arrival: December 6, 2012

By December 27, 2012, the issues were still not resolved. I gave up afterwards.

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.

- The general size was correct, but not much can go wrong with a kimono since it's not very tight-fitting.
- The stitching itself was not bad.

Well, where to start? First, it takes forever until your costume arrives. I was aware of that beforehand, however, but it certainly doesn't help.

Then there are the problems with the costume itself.
- I clearly asked for a shade of purple. I got a kimono that could be easily mistaken for lavender.
- The pink sash was way too bright, but this is something I was willing to overlook.
- The sash was at least half a meter too short. When going around my middle once and making a bow, the ends were to reach my ankles, but they barely reached my knees. Furtermore, it was terrible to tie with a presentable looking bow considering its length. Thirdly, the fabric would naturally tie together when knotting it which looked ugly, and the knot was loosening within 5 minutes. It would have been better had they created a waistband with a separate bow attached.
- The double borders on a kimono? They ended halfway on the garment while they should have clearly ran the whole way (see image).

Then we get to the best part: their customer service! Naturally, I wasn't very pleased so I emailed them clearly listing my problems.
- At first, they kept avoiding my concerns. They kept asking for pictures of measurements, which I supplied, but they were not deemed clear enough. Note that the measurements were not even the problem, which took several emails to point out.
- Not addressing my concerns properly. It took a large amount of messages before they would even address one of my concerns, and I hardly believe it is due to their lack of good English skills.
- The colour issue was addressed by a "it is similar enough and that's that", including emoticons such as ">.>'.
- They did offer to redo the sash, but considering the deadline and the fact that there were also holidays in-between, it would never have arrived in time. My concern regarding the arrival was ignored.
- The issue of the borders on the kimono was not even addressed despite the fact that I pointed it out multiple times.
- Also, they generally took forever to reply, if they did at all. It took multiple emails, caps lock, bolding and underlining certain parts and Paypal threats before they would bother to send something back. And when they did, they did not even address most of what was in my email.
- I stated clearly that I wanted a refund and why, which was never even addressed. Unsurprisingly, I never got one either. The Paypal term was already over.

Grade: D
Score would have been higher had their communication and they way they addressed my problems been more to my satisfaction. As it is, I will never buy anything from them again.

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