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I've been considering trying a Black Egret from Skullgirls ( which pretty much looks like I'd need:

-An olive double-breasted suit (like not sure about how I would tackle the pants? I'm not even sure what they're called) The red shirt and tie are probably the easiest items to procure.

-A brown load-bearing vest, or webbing? Although I have a feeling I won't have a lot of luck searching for one that looks like the one depicted. Or maybe it's not quite a load-bearing vest/webbing (it actually does look a little more like a few belts in the Egrets' case). It looks like I'd need two prop stick grenades on top of that.

-A unique-looking helmet and a gas mask. I think the helmet itself is probably the most difficult part for me (being time-constrained and not having much skill when it comes to crafting). I know I can probably find a gas mask at an army surplus store (and I think there are a few guides when it comes to lighting up the eye lens). If I could find a helmet that is shaped similarly to the one in the artwork, maybe I'd be able to work off of it and add the little Umbrella decal and Pickelhaube-like point on the top somehow on my own.

-Red armband with the little umbrella logo. I think this shouldn't be too difficult to procure in one way or another even despite my complete lack of crafting skills.

-Grey/Black/Charcoal gloves. Shouldn't be too hard. I'll probably have to decide on the texture/material/thickness/etc.


Up until now, I've pretty much put together my last two costumes (Phoenix Wright and Roy Mustang) by buying a suit/uniform close to the design and making subtle changes on my own (mostly just buying in the case of Mustang), and it didn't hurt that both get-ups were fairly simple.

I feel like the entire suit part of a Black Egret would essentially be the same as my Phoenix Wright costume's process (buy an appropriately-colored suit/shirt/tie, get it fitted better, etc.), but the concept of putting together the impressive-looking helmet is what sort of intimidates me the most. I've never had an amazing amount of free time (or skill) to do any crafting of my own, but having a tailor friend is what let me get away with putting together Phoenix and Roy. Crafting a helmet from scratch is probably not possible in my situation, but I figured if there was some kind of base model I could work off of, I might be able to think of something.

I'm not looking to be 100% exactly accurate, but would anybody be able to point me in the right direction especially in regards to the helmet/mask and webbing? I guess it doesn't help that this particular "character" isn't very well-known, hahah.
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