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Hello there, i am new. (I tend to get lost a lot) Lol I hope i can go to AOD but i cant tell yet. I hope i can confirm that very soon!

Age: 24
Name: Iris/Ri/Ashiya/Ayame
Active Cosplays: Ritsuka, Shuichi and Near...?... <(o . o)>
Future cosplays: There are several... Well two; Agito & Akito from air gear, Haku from naruto.
Location: I live in Healdsburg, CA.


(Sorry i have a lot of pages, there are more, but there in construction.) Heheh!

Conventions: Well last year i went to my very first anime conventions for Anime Expo, this year i will try to go to again (Anime Expo 2013). And i am going to be trying to go to AOD. =]

Comments&Questions: How would i find the group? =D And if i do go i cant wait to see you all it'll be sweet, it wont be easy for me but it'll be swell!!!

I'm going to be going on the bus. Back and forth. :3

Please feel free to add me/follow me. i am very friendly! <(^w^)>
I would love to~.
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