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Teen Titans, Formal Raven Dress

So, one of the local cons that I go to are having a cosplay spring formal dance, like prom/wedding formal, so formal attire's required. I don't have a cosplay that fits that requirement, but I wanted to go as Raven from Teen Titans (tv version) and I drew a concept of what I want the dress to look like: PICTURE HERE

Mostly, what do you guys think? It's got the halter top, backless (mid-cut), I'll be wearing the belt and I want the skirt to be flowy. Second, do you think it'd fit Raven's personality/style? I was thinking about adding gloves (can't decide if I'd want long sleeved gloves or short), but they'd be fingerless and make a point on the hand. I don't know what I'm gonna do for the shoes yet (any suggestions??). The dress'll be a dark navy blue like her leotard.

So ya, what do you guys think? Yay? Nay? Anything I should add or change? Thanks ^ ^

PS. I'm hoping to start planning the pattern this weekend, I'll try to show pictures for the dress when I start cutting it

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