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Reinforcing Trident Tips; best material??

So for last con I made a double-headed, three-pronged trident (for Meenah from Homestuck, if you're looking for exacts). I made it out of insulation foam, a healthy layer of gesso, and spray paint. The trident turned out pretty nice!

Only... after three days of a con, almost all the tips were either broken off or smashed down. On the ride home it got slammed in the car door and ripped off one of the trident arms, too. I know I can repair the shape easily enough with model magic, spackle, and gesso, but I am really interested in ways to reinforce it so I don't have to be extremely careful with it while at the con!

I've heard of bondo, an epoxy resin, and fiberglass resins as options... I am mostly looking for the most durable option (or combination of options) and can't seem to find any good comparisons. So is there any advice I can get on which products would be best to reinforce prop tips from damage? It isn't like I'm going to be doing crazy stunts with it, but probably resting it on the ground, and just enough support to protect it should the trident be accidentally dropped.

As far as material budgets go, I would prefer to keep it around $50.
I'm at an apartment complex with some private space to work, but not much--just a small fenced in area near our appointed shed. I'm unsure if this will limit me on what I can do or not?
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