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Originally Posted by POOTERS View Post
Age: 23
Name: Scott
Active Cosplays: Deidara(Naruto), Sesshomaru(Inuyasha), Kratos Aurion(Tales of Symphonia)
Future cosplays: ????(???? secret)
Location: El Cerrito, East Bay
Conventions: AoD(Feb15-16), Norcal Spring Gathering(March 9), Sakura-Con(March 28-31), Fanime(End of May)
Hello, Scott. I saw you at Sac-Anime last year, before it moved to the convention center, you were cosplaying as Deidara. :3
I'll also be at A.O.D. and Fanime. It's nice to find someone who also cosplays from Naruto, I haven't really found any in the area.
Pretty much all my cosplays are from Naruto. ^_^'
Although I have my Inuyasha cosplay(no wig yet) that I'll be able to put to use soon.
2015 Conventions:
Sac-Anime Winter
Anime Expo
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