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Originally Posted by OsakiNana87 View Post
Ahh I should've clarified! =.= I'll be Femme Dean. And was there any interest to meet up at some point on saturday? In case, someone can't make friday, or if people want to get pictures in a different cosplay?
I've got so many other shoots on Saturday, plus Supernatural is not my main cosplay, that I'm just not gonna have time for another shoot on Saturday. @_@

But I know some people are cosplaying SPN on Saturday. If more people have an interest in Saturday you should go for it.

If you guys do a shoot Saturday may I suggest either

4:30 at doors across from the gazebo
> If you do this one I'm at the Gazebo at the Phoenix Wright shoot <


5:30 at Gazebo or doors across from the Gazebo
> I might come to take picture if you do this time but I'll be in my Phoenix Cosplay<
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