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Originally Posted by yamibakura03 View Post
Thats good to hear. I need to buy another pattern to modify it but overall I think Im doing a good job drafting some I had in mind. As for the week, work been good so far. next week I get paid so that means more fabric shopping. Im going to calculate how much I need before I go to the fabric store because Im not planning to come back till I get some sewing done.

Don't you guys hate it when you have everything in order and you get to find a surprise detail? Then its off to the fabric store again XD
Aw yeeeaaaahhh shoppin'! I need to get jack's hoodie as soon as possible so I can start on the embroidery. Why I decided to do the frost that way instead of paint I have no idea. Probably because I hate myself. Glad to hear you're having a good week though ^_^
OMG YES. JUST happened with Rinnosuke. But it was too late to turn back so I'm writing it off as 'taking artistic liberties.' :P
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