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Legend of Zelda - OoT Link's Hat

Hey everyone~

I'm in the middle of sewing my hat (hence the unfinished borders, and the lumpy pumpkin effect...), but I want to know some opinions on the overall look. Is the shape alright? I gave it a little flair at the bottom, to accommodate the scabbard & shield that'll be on my back. I was pretty happy at the results, but a second opinion never hurts!

I've been trying to figure out a pattern for this cursed hat for a while, and this is my third attempt (first being that triangle pattern, second Skyward's version), and now with the foam core to help guide my shape. It's partly stuffed, I might add more, but for lazy's sake, let's say this is how it'll look finished.

Critiques? Opinions? Anything & everything is welcomed, thanks a bunch guys! You keep me motivated~

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