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is a crazy person.
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I have had a glorious week.
First of all, last week I had a mood relapse (I'm pretty darn bipolar) that started with the super fun hypomanic stuff (pills at least stopped it from becoming a full manic episode) and I went impulse shopping and blew all of my money for the month. Then I got hit with the not super fun depressive backlash, so my doctor upped my lithium level and now I'm broke, mildly depressed, and feeling sick. super fun times with Polly "bodici22" Esther.
Current sewing machine count: 9 and a serger. I need to stop buying any machine I find that works and is less than $50. I have a problem.

Also you can add me on twitter! Unless you have something better to do with your time than read about the insanity of my life.
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