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Originally Posted by Bisected8 View Post
I've decided to try and save money by making my coffee liqueur. The supermarket own brand rum, coffee, vanilla pods and sugar all came to about £5 more than a large bottle of Tia Maria, and if all goes well I'll be able to make almost twice that much. =3
Originally Posted by UsakoLuna View Post
I found a recipe for homemade limoncello that I really want to make. I had a little at an over priced Italian restaurant not too long ago and it was yummy.
I think infusing liqueurs is pretty easy. Once I made limoncello using a Martha Stewart recipe; it didn't take long to make and was pretty tasty.

Bisected, what kind of coffee are you using? You'll probably get the best results if it's a really dark roast, espresso would be ideal. Vanilla pods are crazy expensive, though.
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