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Brandon and I got the Dragonborn DLC last night, Solstheim is the only place in the entire Skyrim game I've felt genuinely unnerved to be. The entire atmosphere bothers me and the ash spawn really freak me out.

So a vet's office just opened up near us, right across the street from the pet store we use most often. It happens to be run by a woman I met in the one LLL meeting I went to, and she seems pretty cool; they're having an open house on Sunday and I want to stop in, say hi, see whether we should consider going to them. Ponder only went to the vet once after we adopted him, he'll be due for shot boosters soon, and I have no problems with our current vet but also have no problems switching. Penelope needs a specialist since she's considered an exotic, but when I called the office they said they'd see pretty much anything on a well visit basis and refer to specialists as needed.
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