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Originally Posted by Ashi13 View Post
Hello there, i am new. (I tend to get lost a lot) Lol I hope i can go to AOD but i cant tell yet. I hope i can confirm that very soon!

Age: 24
Name: Iris/Ri/Ashiya/Ayame
Active Cosplays: Ritsuka, Shuichi and Near...?... <(o . o)>
Future cosplays: There are several... Well two; Agito & Akito from air gear, Haku from naruto.
Location: I live in Healdsburg, CA.


(Sorry i have a lot of pages, there are more, but there in construction.) Heheh!

Conventions: Well last year i went to my very first anime conventions for Anime Expo, this year i will try to go to again (Anime Expo 2013). And i am going to be trying to go to AOD. =]

Comments&Questions: How would i find the group? =D And if i do go i cant wait to see you all it'll be sweet, it wont be easy for me but it'll be swell!!!

I'm going to be going on the bus. Back and forth. :3

Please feel free to add me/follow me. i am very friendly! <(^w^)>
I would love to~.

Sorry I didn't reply earlier your post wasn't showing up. ^_^'
Well hello, Iris.
I'd love to see your Ritsuka cosplay~<3
Yeah that's a lot of pages, it's okay though, I have a lot too.
Find? As in at the convention? well we'd either choose a place to meet up or we'd exchange phone numbers.

Originally Posted by POOTERS View Post
Cool! I read your Journal about missing Sac-Anime Winter 2013. I missed it as well. Oh well.

Anime on Display is gonna be cool. Never gone yet.
Yeah, well there is always Summer at the end of the year.
Me either, will be my first time~ :3 But I'm excited to meet all the cool people there.
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