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Unofficial AX 2013 Gathering list

The 29th will be the deadline for the list that will be part of the swag bag. There are no deadlines for updates. In fact, I encourage people to contact me during the convention so I can keep things updated.

If you notice a gathering is not listed in the right place,please let me know.Note, do to the heat,some gatherings are now INDOORS.If you see your gathering has been moved from outside to inside,that was me.I want everyone to remain safe during the con,if you think your gathering can handle the heat,tell me and I will change it back.If there's a place you want to have your gathering at that isn't on that map, let me know.-Mousegirl

Map by amateur cameko

Final Map

Day 1- Thursday, July 4th

Day 2- Friday, July 5th

Day 3, Saturday, July 6th

Day 4, Sunday, July 7th

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