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Originally Posted by penny_dreadful View Post
I think infusing liqueurs is pretty easy. Once I made limoncello using a Martha Stewart recipe; it didn't take long to make and was pretty tasty.

Bisected, what kind of coffee are you using? You'll probably get the best results if it's a really dark roast, espresso would be ideal. Vanilla pods are crazy expensive, though.
I'm using espresso, darkest roast I could find (based on the advice I got from consulting a few recipes, I didn't bother with the really expensive blends just the midrange Sainsbury's own brand stuff). I happen to own an old fashioned espresso maker (the sort you put on the hob), so I've brewed it with that for tomorrow.

I don't know how much vanilla pods cost in the USA, but they cost about 2 each here, which isn't much for about two bottles.
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