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Free Photographer Avaliable for Katsucon (2/15 - 2/17)

I’ve decided to get into cosplay photography as a hobby and so what better place to start than at Katsucon?
  • I can do individual private shoots or a small group (2- 10 people),
  • Duration of about 30 minutes each (more if you’d like to try out different locations).
  • You’ll get 10 watermarked shots in total
  • I’ll post it on my facebook, so all I ask is you ‘like’ my page so that you can be updated as soon as it’s up.
  • If you’d like a copy of the high-resolution version (since fb reduces photo quality) just comment on the picture you want with your email address and I’ll gladly send it to you
  • Don’t forget to give credit whenever it’s used!
I have some of my non-cosplay pictures uploaded here for just a general idea. And I’ll be using a Canon 50D over the weekend.

Here’s some questions to fill out when applying for a time slot:

Character & Series of your cosplay:
How can I get in contact with you:
Your Website (fanpage, dA, tumblr, which ever one you use most):

So here are my times (under the read more), shoot me a message on here or facebook with which time and day you’d like and a copy of the filled out answers from the questions above. Thank you!


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