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I changed my diet plan a few weeks ago and hopefully this will help you. I haven't really taken anything out, just changed my routine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Breakfast: This is the most important meal of the day. For breakfast, I try to fill up on carbs and proteins. This will fill you up but also give you energy throughout the day. Fruit, whole wheats, yogurt, and a whole egg keeps me satisfied, but you can have other alternative as well. In addition, if I want something sweet this is the only time when I can have my sugar fix.

Lunch: Lunch is kept at a minimum. Have something light, like a sandwich or salad. Don't have a big lunch, since you're still working off what you had that morning.

Snacks: I usually don't snack but when I get the munchies, dried fruit or nuts help a lot.

Dinner: Dinner should be like breakfast. However, it should consist of mostly veggies and protein. NO CARBS. Carbs will turn into fat overnight.

Remember to also keep track of your caloric intake and exercise!

Hope this helps!
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