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My mom and were talking about the hedgehog Meghan and plan on getting after I move in. She offered to hedgehog sit if we ever need her too, she thinks they are adorable. (I know we could theoretically leave him/her alone for a few days, but they're so temperature sensitive I like knowing someone would be around if something went wrong. The cats and peanut can fend for themselves. In fact, I'm sure Peanut would just eat the cats...)

Meghan's valentines gift came in! I got her the Game of Thrones board game. I ordered it from amazon and felt guilty but the local game store didn't have it and they could order it for me but it wouldn't have been in until after Valentine's Day.
I love having Prime.
Ooo I've heard good things about that. My friend is the one who buys all the board games but I should really buy some myself. We only see each other at holidays though. I really want to buy RISK legacy but don't know who to play it with since its the kind of game where once you start with a group of people you have to finish with them. I might just have to press gang my housemates into playing with me, they're living here for another year or so, so they can't get out.

Now this is part where Ryan moans about not having a girlfriend, or rather moans about people telling me to get a girlfriend. Like even my Mum now is asking. I mean I'd love to have one but I'm not gonna go out hunting for one because that just makes me fucking depressed trying to date. Then I'll be miserable and I'll have to inflict that misery on others. It's been so long I don't even know what I'd do anymore, frankly I don't even care about romance or sex. I'd settle for just having a friend willing to curl up with me on the sofa and watch films...
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I would have used my awesome space-time warping powers to reach through the internet and throttle your scrawny pole-dancing film-making neck.
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Someone supply with a new descriptive label for Fullbleed. Hipster doesn't even cut it any more.
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