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Who's good with Knits? :D

Hey guys how's it going!

So Knits and I are not on good speaking terms, after the last convention, so I thought I would come here and get some input on what I should do, as I intend to make this costume again!

This past Nekocon I made Korra from The Legend Of Korra, and it turned out really well! But the shirt was a huge problem. I made it out of interlock knit, it fit beautifully, but the trim... Here's a picture so you can see what I mean:

The white around the arms and neck

Anyway, the shirt itself, minus the white trim, fit perfectly! The collar stayed up, and it looked great! But the moment I put on the trim, the collar stretched out, the arms... ugh... I used the same material to do the edging with, used a stretch needle and a zigzag stitch...

I work at a fabric store so I have everything at my fingertips with a discount so I will take ANY advice at all! I would really appreciate it. And any tips with knits you might have! Thank you guys so much!
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