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Originally Posted by Mae-Gwyn View Post
4) I like most of the races but alas i am too tall to cosplay anything shorter than a human! So i'm stuck with just elves, maiar, valar and humans
Heh, I'm the opposite
As a 5'5" female, I'm too short to play anything but a Hobbit or a Dwarf
Not that I mind, I"m planning three Dwarf and one Hobbit costumes for this year so...*yay* fun times
Current Projects:
The Hobbit - Dwarf Lady - 50%

Planned Projects:
LotR - Merry (Green Coat) - 10%
The Hobbit - Thorin Oakenshield - 5%
The Hobbit - Bifur - 0%

Finished Projects:
Doctor Who - River Song (A Time of Angels/Flesh & Stone) - 90%
(unexpected hair failure at the last minute *facepalm*)
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