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Originally Posted by darkangel7410 View Post
MANNN i really want to go to Ushicon and get away from all the Hulaballoo of new age fans and bask in the glory of old school anime. I miss those days greatly.
You should come on down for a day, then. :3 That's what I'm doing. I couldn't afford a room and all that with Matsuri so close so I'm going to just enjoy the big day. If you do get down there make sure to get my number or something so we can meet up!

As for updates, oh boy, fabric store bug got the best of me! I didn't have my coupons, as they are currently in my dad's truck. In the shop. So I hit the bargain bins for now. I managed to get the white fabric for Belldandy, some rib knit fabric dirt cheap I can possibly dye for Rinoa, and some amazing fabric for Aerith' Crisis Core dress. All for less then $5 a yard. The lady as it turns out, was nice enough to give me the coupon I was missing anyway! So I can use it again after we get his truck back so I can buy the blue Belldandy fabric and then my Lycra.
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