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I'd strongly advise against running people over. When I was in college, way back in the stone age, we had several pedestrians die in crosswalks. I'm not sure anybody who was run over learned anything, but being run over is a shitty way to die. You would also then be REALLY late to class, since I am not sure you would be able to make bail before it started.

Also, if people walking across the street were enough to make you late, you probably would have been late, anyway, since it sounds to me like if you'd managed to get on the wrong side of a red light, it'd have taken just as long to sit through. I would advise to anybody who finds him or herself often cutting it close to being late to just leave earlier. That way, you are not as harried or stressed on your way and less likely to do something dumb.

Like get pulled over for speeding and miss your flight to yaoicon, for example. >.>
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