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Originally Posted by StarsCASSiOPEiA View Post
Emmers, you are gonna look SO GOOD as Merida! <3

OtakuSpark, I totally get that feeling. I was terrified to drive the first time (honestly, the first ten times), but it does get better!

Just a random inquiry too-- anybody here play Ruzzle? I'm presently addicted and I'd love to go head-to-head with some of you, haha!
You think so? Thank you ^^ I am thinking of ordering this wig for her. I haven't ever really styled a wig extensively but I am told that 'teasing' that particular wig is easy.

Originally Posted by Arc_The_Lad View Post
I just made a quick video for my Silent Hill talkthrough saying how wrong I am about the story.

The only thing I'm worried about is that Emmers is going to see that I can record Silent Hill 3 just fine and will demand I play through it and SH 2 right now. ._.

Originally Posted by OtakuSpark View Post
Oh my goodness... Cathrine Tate has her own show!?
YES. and she's glorious.
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