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Originally Posted by Debitto_of_Bond View Post
XD Ahhhhhhhhh but what would you do with the Piece of Eden?
Eat it? Oh wait, those are the Apples. Ummm... Hmmm.. I really don't know. but I'm sure if i had one, i'd be a prime target for assassination.

Oyyy... commissioner troubles with altair. He certainly won't be complete by any means, n or cannon form. Commisssioners that I've hired kinda dropped the ball, and so I'll kinda be force to half-arse him. Using the Ezio retractable blade and vambrace cover (those plastic ones from gamestop - lol), the belt straps are gonna have to substituted with something (probably just a long leather belt, or two really short ones connected together) and the assassin short sword will be replaced with a wooden katana bokken. It annoys me that even though I ordered everything months in advance and gave the commissioners ample time (i ordered everything in time to receive things 2 weeks ahead of katsu) things fell apart with the commissioners. >.<
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