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I'm not finding it on the app store. But yeah, I'm a sponsored skateboarder so in the spring to fall, I'm constantly out skateboarding, but I plan on starting to jog, and I'll be buying a jump rope so if it's raining out, I can jump rope inside, or go to the gym and use their cardio machines. I have actually planned on using the thread on this site called "the 'Knuckle-Headed' Ninja'Workout. It seems like it'd be perfect for my goals.

I'll also be buying a lot more healthy now that I have a better job with more money coming in. Before, I didn't have much, so I literally had to buy to be able to live, so I bought the cheapest stuff I could to fill me up. Gonna start making protein shakes and such too. My room mate is going to help me with that. He's all about the protein drinks on off days from his usual gym exercises.

EDIT: I found one called Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal. Is that the app you were speaking of?
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