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Name:Myrissa M. Bavo (Also goes by Misa and Mero)
Active Cosplays: Tifa Lockhart(Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children), Tira (Soul Calibur IV), Amy Sorel (Soul Calibur IV), Korra (Legend of Korra), Marceline (Adventure Time) Hrley Quinn (Original Design), Asuna Yuki (Sword Art online), Rei Miyamoto (Highschool of The Dead)

Future cosplays: Vi (League of Legends), Caitlyn (League of Legends), Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog), Sly Cooper (Sly Cooper Series), Harley Quinn (All Versions), More can be viewed on my Facebook.

Location: San Francisco, California (College student so I won't be there in July or December)
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Conventions: Anime Expo, Fanime, Animation On Display, Sac-Anime, Any event that happens in Japantown
Comments&Questions: I'm new to cosplay and new to the area but I sew and make everything by hand. I really want some Cosplay friends because I would like to have a group one day... I just want people to walk around the cons with. I have a friend who accompanies me to Anime Expo and we usually cosplay from the same series each day.

I would love to meet you guys! Please contact my facebook for a quick response! Also my anime/video game/comic cosplays are not limited to what I have listed on here. I know so many titles and love a great handful that i simply haven't gotten to cosplay everything yet since I'm newer. To get a sense of everything check out my likes on my main facebook account:
Upcoming Cosplay
{Character - Series - Convention}
Ladybug/Marinette - Miraculous Ladybug - Fanime 2016 (Day 1)
Meroko Yui - Full Moon O Sagashite - Fnime 2016 (Day ?)
Tira - Soul Calibur - Fanime 2016 (Day ?)
Asuna - Sword Art Online - Fanime 2016 (Day ?)
Merida - Brave - Fanime 2016 (Day ?)

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