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Originally Posted by momomilk View Post
Same here. I'm a heavy spender too so I always have to watch out for my budget~ cheesecake factory is good but the wait is LONG during con time because so many people go there to eat x.x (which sucks cause you kind of waste your time waiting just to get seated).

I need to get started on my costumes too x.x
Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
Then, if you like hotdogs, don't go to cosmodogs....You will spend ALL your money there lol
We went there 3 times saturday and 2 times sunday last year lol

Also, for the Cheesecake Factory, expent a 45min wait lol (that's how long we waited)
Ahhh thanks for the tip on Cheesecake factory momomilk and JasonTerror! Perhaps I will go on Thurs or Sun hopefully it'll be slower and I don't miss so much con....s:

Originally Posted by OldestAngel View Post
Oh man! I hope you're able to get Kougyoku's wig in time! That's pretty nerve-wracking. Dx
x'D Bandou or Anna would be awesome~ Good luck with whatever ends up working out!

x'D Alibaba in his gladiator get-up from Magi, and I'm actually trying to see if I have time/money to make Fushimi from K Project. x.x That's up in the air though.

(and the Director from Disgaea.)
that sounds exciting!! looking forward to seeing Alibaba! (LOL director! do you have an Axel with you XD) and maybe Fushimi~ ^^ Waiting for a wig with no tracking is scary XD It's been about 25 days D:

Really glad everyone is so nice LOL I was kind of anxious since it's the first time to a large convention and also out of Canada XD
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