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Originally Posted by Lithium Flower View Post
You think so? Thank you ^^ I am thinking of ordering this wig for her. I haven't ever really styled a wig extensively but I am told that 'teasing' that particular wig is easy.
I've heard the same thing about that particular wig too, yeah. My one friend Kalina is cosplaying Merida too, so I'll ask her when I see her next weekend what wig she went with!

Originally Posted by HareyuNanami View Post
I cant stop watching The Most Popular Girls in School
Holy hell its so funny! XD
The flashbacks to 3rd grade are my favourite. xD The Pokemon battles, man. Hilarious.

Originally Posted by SakuraxTsubasa View Post
I can't help you there, but isn't Gatsby great?!?!

And re:driving-- same idea! It's like going really slowly on a new sewing machine at first, then ramping up the speed as you get better.
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