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Handful of questions

So me and a few of my buddies are planning on doing a Slender man video sometime as soon as it gets warm out, and we were wondering a few things.

Slenderman is probably one of the main issues.
My boyfriend is whom we have picked for the role of Slendy, seeing as he is 6 something feet tall. He is a bit bulky in build though so I'm curios if there is anything we could do costume wise or even filming wise that could make him appear somewhat slimmer.

If there is nothing we could do in that area, we'd probably have to resort to building silts for one of our other male friends.

Face wise... we weren't really sure what to do. It isn't 100% nessicary that our Slendy be able to see and depending on when we are shooting, the face might not be that visible anyways.

For the victims we weren't sure if we should go with a more "wear whatever you would wear to school" sort of attitude - as the shoot is probably going to take place over a series of days in the actual thing. Or go with a more cartoon/anime sort of attitude and give each character a certain look, and have them wear the same outfit.
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