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Originally Posted by Ineedaname9 View Post
Oh wonderful, I finally have time to work on cosplay but I'm to tired and a bit sick today. (Stupid random pouring down rain right when I'm running to class....) But yay my Sinbad fabric has shipped~
I've tried that before it didn't work for me.
Are you able to work on anything while in bed? Take something small and work on it among the mounds of blankets? Unless sitting up is bad for you (room spinning, etc.)
Also, are you looking for ways to look flattering in photos? (Hope you don't mind my butting in) you could play with expressions in the mirror?

Originally Posted by MeiChama View Post
I really hope I get the last weekends of February off so that I can have time to sit down and work on my Rise and Hope cosplays with my friend who will be coming to visit. I don't want to be cosplayless for Anime Expo this year! Especially now since I'm going be in charge of the Final Fantasy gathering!
How do you become in charge of those things?

Related to cosplay & myself: waiting on a binder to come in the mail.
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