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Zaiten - There's always Lehran, he's quite tall, too! XD Nah, but Reyson is a good choice.

riddel - I also feel that way about Naesala. I just didn't like him all that much, though he did improve at the end. Luckily for me, I didn't like Leanne, either, so I totally shipped them. XD
If you like how Leanne looks, I say go ahead and do it! I wouldn't worry about the demeanor. Whether she's a fragile heron princess or spoiled brat, either works.

Honestly, though, I think all the laguz were getting quite annoying near the end of Radiant Dawn due to the medallion. I just thought this was brilliant character scripting, because they subtly became more and more annoying in a very believable way. And then it was explained why, and I felt like I could like them all again. Well ok, most of them, a couple were annoying to begin with. lol
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