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Originally Posted by Ani_BEE View Post
^ I honestly never got the photo's of me that were taken for free last year. The group never posted them on their website in 6 months afterward (and I lost the card now.) lol

Convoke is coming. I badgered the team to show up to give a backdrop and studio lighting option.
Their rate is usually around $20 a shoot.
If you bring a laptop, a few of the photographers will let you snag the memory card during some downtime

But yes CONVOKE! We always head to them when DROO isn't available, or sometimes we do both XP we will definately be doing a shoot with them on Saturday... maybe the other 2 days we'll get some but 2 of us have pics by them of those characters... its just Yuuki/Maria... so maybe we'll get some group shots in that case and let her get individuals

I love photographers who let you take all the images and CHOOSE the ones you want and EDIT them the way you want... I'm sorry photographers, but you just don't edit the way I like... sure it looks cool conceptually, but I'd like to be able to make my own further edits to make myself look my best! because to be honest... I dont look good in most photos, you know the saying that the camera adds 10 pounds? yeah that... but photographers never fix that... and if I've paid for photos, I want to be proud of how i look in them...
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