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Wombs Combo!!
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This will be my first Otakon and my first convention outside of Florida. I have a group of people who are traveling with me and I'm pretty excited!! So far my plans are:

Miss Martian: Young Justice
Grand Archer Rena: Elsword
Blue Rose: Tiger & Bunny
Miku kimono: Project Diva f with my friend as Luka(not sure what the name of the song is but the kimono is sooo pretty!!)
Momohime: Muramasa
Racing Miku: Vocaloid

I'll probably add one more to the list. I can't wait, it's going to be so much fun!!
Next Con/Event:
Omni Expo!!
Fri: Stealth Miss Martian
Sat: Nonon & P4D Yukiko
Sun: Sonico
2015 Conventions:
Megacon, FAE, Omni Expo, Colossalcon
Cosplay Plans:
Yukiko Amagi: Persona 4 Dancing All Night(30%)
Aqua Admin Shelly: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
Storm: X-men(100%)
Nonon: Kill la Kill(100%)
Judith: Tales of Vesperia
Katara: Avatar
Cosplays for Friends:
Raven: Tales of Vesperia(20%)

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