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Originally Posted by Reily96 View Post
Fedex did not disappoint me this time; my hakama came in today~ I was a little worried at first because I ordered a size smaller than recommended, but I ended up being spot on. When I wear it should fall right to wear I need it... I'm just a little hesitant about undoing all the basting that's currently keeping the pleats in proper shape. The hakama's a poly-cotton blend, and it's actually quite stiff, so I'm wondering if I should reinforce the pleats. Someone who reviewed it said it loses its pleats easily, but he actually used it for its intended purposes in kendo... I mean, it certainly couldn't hurt to reinforce them, but if I don't really need to I'm not going to.
Yay you got the hakama!

Well, my very first hakama are kendo hakama and I've used them in kendo practice regularly for some years ago (1-2,5 years.. dunno) and while the pleats aren't as prominent as on new hakama you can still obviously tell there's pleats. So I would say you don't need to reinforce them if you just take proper care of your hakama.. aka fold them after wearing.
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