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Originally Posted by Blood_Sword View Post
Yay you got the hakama!

Well, my very first hakama are kendo hakama and I've used them in kendo practice regularly for some years ago (1-2,5 years.. dunno) and while the pleats aren't as prominent as on new hakama you can still obviously tell there's pleats. So I would say you don't need to reinforce them if you just take proper care of your hakama.. aka fold them after wearing.
Yes, I'm playing paparazzi with it right now. XD

Ah, that's good to know, and I'll be sure to fold it religiously when not wearing it. Being the anal person I am, if I don't fold anything kimono related right, I throw a huge hissy fit - which is why my mumsy ain't allowed to touch my kimono. *u* Now if only I'd show the same dedication to my everyday wear...
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