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Originally Posted by Misa Sugar View Post
I wasn't planning on making another cosplay for this year, but Cain is on my list to do one day, so we'll see... XD
Join us! It'll be fun! 8D

Originally Posted by ShibbyOmittchi View Post
I figured bring it up and we could start planning things sooner since I have several costumes, including another teahouse costume that I am going to try and get done. I was hoping this year we could move the teahoue photoshoot to Friday afternoon instead of how late it was last year since the photos were starting to get very dark as the sun went down.
I don't see why we can't make it earlier. We'll see how other people's schedules look as we get closer to the con and these forums get more active, but I'm all for an earlier meetup. Perhaps we could have the party around traditional tea time, so 4 pm-ish? With the photoshoot either before or after?
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