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Okay was thinking maybe inside this time since the con has been moved forward to one of the usually hottest week(s) of the year. Was going to see what the 4th Floor looked like. As for shooting outside there is another location I was thinking of, its behind the Bank of America Building its call Hopkin Plaza there is a real cool fountain plus plenty of room for battles, but it looks like getting either of the Helicopter to do a fly over is out :-(

As for time lets keep that sort of open but I do have one request we keep it to Friday as we have for over the past few years. Also Mary if I could get a junk yard location would anyone be interesting in doing a RE shoot in May. It would be here in Bmore but I think it would be cool to have some of the East Coast RE folks get together for a none con shoot.
Inside is definitely a good idea, I don't think any of us wanna relive the heat from last year. It's just too damn hot. I don't have any problem going outside if it's at a cooler point in the day/evening. Let's see what everyone else thinks we have time to figure it all out. ^_^

I don't have a problem with keeping Friday at all; we're used to that by now. As for the May gathering/shoot; I won't be there (I'll be visiting Ohio in May XD), but I'm sure people in the area would be up for it. I saw you asked on the RE East Coast Cosplayers group on FB, hopefully that'll get more traffic for you.
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