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Need costume recommendations for a first-time cosplayer.

I've recently started going to cons and they're a blast. I've been to Pacific Media Expo 2012 and Anime LA 2013. ALA I wanted to cosplay as Kirito-san from Sword Art Online, but it was sudden and my costume didn't finish in time.

My friends and the group want to cosplay as a whole for Anime Expo 2013 (They want to pass on Conji and save up for the big con. Whatever), I guess so we can roleplay and get group pics. We'll probably have 15-25 heads, but not all of them want to cosplay. We were brainstorming ideas and so far the ideas we liked were Bleach, Fairy Tail, Air Gear, Organization XIII (Kingdom Hearts), and Soul Caliber. I said we should dress up as Angel Beats!, Baccano!, or Final Fantasy because there's a bunch of characters to pick from, but they shot it down. Angel Beats! would be cool because I would just get a Japanese schoolboy uniform, grow my hair out, and dye my hair. Baccano! is a good choice because there's like 16 main characters.

I don't really watch Bleach (Can you blame me? There's 300+ episodes and there's too many other series I want to watch), but my friends said I look like Gin Ichimaru because of my small eyes >_> My cousin said I look like him because of his smile or something. I can go around the con with my eyes closed the entire time lol.

I've only seen like 3 episodes of Air Gear and my buddies said I can be Kazuma Mikura. I need his hoodie, a white beanie, and some tricked out skates to be him. Also I need to grow my hair out and dye it blonde. The difficult part would be getting the skates.

This is me for reference:

Appreciate it : )
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