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I dunno, I know silicone spray is the thing now, but I haven't really been impressed with it. All the end results I've seen so far look like hair that hasn't been washed in at least a week.

The heat-resistant fibers seem to be much easier to comb in general. I've never used an Epic Cosplay wig, but I've found that Arda wigs (also heat-resistant fiber like Epic) are way easier to comb compared to the New Look (Eleora fiber) and kanekalon fiber wigs I used to use.

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As for braiding, how do you do that to a wig exactly? I know how to braid, but even my own hair is a pain. I am sure if I had something to support the wig, it would be easier, but carrying a styrofoam wig to the con would be taking up a LOT of space. ):
If I don't have a wig head with me, I often just place the wig on top of a lampshade (with the light OFF) or a bedknob instead. I've also just laid long wigs flat on a bed and braided them that way, but it is easier to braid them if they're on some kind of support.

Though really, a wig head doesn't take up that much extra space. If my suitcase is full, I'll put the wig head in a satchel or very small duffel, or for carpools, I'll just carry it in my lap.

Would oil sheen work in place of the conditioner, or should I get something else?
Use wig conditioner. The general rule of thumb is: do not use stuff meant for real hair on a wig. Wig fiber is not hair. Some products are fine, like hair spray or hair glue, but others just don't work at all because wig fiber is not an absorbent protein structure.
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