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@Pandali: So stolen_valkyrie talked me into bringing Senjougahara (I'm the one she mentioned), so that's on for Saturday. I think I'm also gonna be your photographer on Friday night, and since SV is also a first-time Katsucon attendee, I thought I might make a suggestion for a meeting place. The absolute easiest place to find people at the con is at the gazebo - it's impossible to miss. There's a set of doors immediately across from it that are great as a backdrop, and I think it'd be fun to start there. Keep your eyes peeled for other locations as you walk around on Friday too

8PM on Friday sounds like a plan to me for shooting. If this works for you guys, let's meet at the gazebo at that time, and we can move from there as we need to. We can touch base then and set up another time for Saturday, if you're up for it.

Looking forward to shooting with you, and sorry for the sudden thread hijacking!
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