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Question How to go about a repeating texture/design?

My meagre knowledge of fabric painting/printing/anything has me kind of stumped, so I decided to turn to you in hopes of some advice.

I don't have character reference at hand that would illustrate the issue here, but what I'm trying to achieve is
- black BDU type shirt&pants
- textured like this all over

Obviously such a thing doesn't exist IRL, so I (think I) have two ways to go about this:
a) buy black BDU shirt&pants and somehow paint/draw/sth the design on with paint or markers or something
b) sew the garments myself and paint/draw/? the design prior to cutting the fabric

I also thought about sandwiching a base fabric, black double-sided fusible interfacing and a dark grey mesh, but I have no idea if that's even possible, pretty, or any easier than scribbling a repeating mesh-like design all over two garments' worth of fabric.

So, ideas, help, anything? Thanks in advance.
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