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I'll be at AOD on Saturday with my cosplay partner in crime. I'm so sad she's moving! Anyways I'll be going as May-rin and my partner is my Ceil in the black and white outfit (not circus). As for what I look like. I'll put a link to my face book so ya'll can see me. I don't have any pics of me in my cosplays cause I ca never find myself in people's albums....

Anyway link to my pic:
Cosplay Line-up 2014:
Suiseiseki - Rozen Maiden , Madam Red - Kuroshitsuji , Takahashi Minami - AKB0048 , Makoto Tachibana - Free! , Secret Cosplay - MLP:FiP , Nagisa Motomiya - AKB0048

Future Cosplays
, Reese - Animal Crossing New Leaf , "Kotori" Takanashi - Working!!!

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AOD 2015, Fanime 2015, Sac-Anime Summer 2015 (maybe)

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