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Touhou Project Gathering 2013!

The staple Touhou Project Gathering of Anime Expo 2013!!!!

I can't believe no one started this yet, seeing how big it was last year!

For those who don't remember last year or wasn't there, I was the genderbend TouhouVania Youmu who was late and had the really loud voice. Because who needs a megaphone when you also cosplay Dovahkiin?

Anywho! I decided I should try to host this year's gathering, but anyone is welcome to help! Not going to be a dictator here.

Update for the After Dinner. If you want to attend, PM me your info, and/if your group. I will collecting and compiling a list of everyone to submit to Freight. He is the one who helped a lot and made the After Dinner happen last year. This will ease up on a lot logistical stress for him and the place we are having the dinner at. When it gets closer to AX, I'll send out invitations to everyone. There is though a chance we might hit a cap of some sort... I'll keep everyone updated about that in this thread. When you send a message about it, please include your first name and last initial (example: "Remilia S." instead of "Remilia Scarlet").

Location and time: Just like last years! Saturday, 4pm, Alternate Bus Parking/Last Year's location. Here is a picture with the area highlighted (provided by Access):

There as been a new movement lately that is gaining a lot of momentum in the cosplay community. Its called "Cosplay does not Equal Consent". Its a movement that brings to light and fight against creepers and the like at conventions in attempt to make conventions and the cosplay community a safer place. I'm not saying to go join it, and spread the message. However, I believe I speak for everyone that the gathering should be safe for everyone. Regardless of race, sex, age, religion, sexual preference, etc etc. The normal Equal Opportunity idea. I have ZERO TOLERANCE for lewd and unwanted acts. At the spotting of a single unwanted or uncomfortable advancement towards another, sexual or not, or a single, backed up complaint about such. I will ask you to leave, if you won't, I will call security. Even with out "Cosplay does not Equal Consent", I hold these values and ideas in the highest regard.

Like most Gathering Threads. Post what character you will be and if any of your friends will be joining, and their cosplays. I'll keep this updated to best that I can. I, myself, should have a genderbend Remilia Scarlet cosplay ready. More specifically a white variant of her TouhouVania outfit.

Planned list:

-Highly Responsive to Prayers to Mystic Square:

-Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil:
GyrfalconAH64D as Genderbend Sakuya or Marisa
ShadowWind70 as Genderbend Sakuya

-Perfect Cherry Blossom:
x0lgax (DA) as Yuyuko
x0lgax's daughter (DA) as Alice

-Imperishable Night:
Choxie-chan as Chen
jay421501 as Eirin Yagokoro
VanguardLancer as Kaguya
Blue Shift as Reisen
DeafToAllButTheSong (DA) as Wriggle

-Phantasmagoria of Flower View:

-Mountain of Faith:
Durroa as Momiji
It-be-V-chan as Kagiyama Hina
x0lgax's husband (DA) as Aya

-Subterranean Animism:
AlpacaSama as Satori Komeiji
Melancholy Wish as Yuugi

-Undefined Fantastic Object:

-Ten Desires:
SkyhawkTenshi14 as Toyosatomimi no Miko

-Double Dealing Character:
Shinigamiyoko as Sekibanki

-Fighting Games (IaMP, SWR, 12.3, and Hopeless Masquerade):
eBay Sniper Friend as Suika

-Koumajou Densetsu/TouhouVania:
eBay Sniper as Youmu Konpaku (genderbend)
LieutenantGordon (DA) as Sakuya Izayoi
Shiyora as Youmu

-Other Media (novels, manga, artbooks, etc):

Can't wait!
Scarlet Impaler Cosplay

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