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When it comes down to it~ too many to talk about CX
One that sticks out in my mind though, was during AX 2010. I have a soft spot for farm animal plushes, and just bought a plush chicken in the artist's alley. It wasn't big enough to be worth the trip back to the hotel to drop it off, so I held on to it. At some point I lost my little guy ;; I remember checking on it every couple of minutes, and he was simply gone. I re-traces my steps, and began to freak out XD (it was just a little plush 20$ thing, but something about the idea of someone else with it made my stomach churn.)
I was apparently pretty distressed looking, and finally declared that I would have to buy another one, and pretend it never happened.
The next morning half our hotel roomies were gone. So me and my gf, got ready quickly and headed straight to the Artist's alley see if they had any chickens left. To my surprise~ the rest of my roomies were there ;A; They were all going to buy me a plush chicken. I wanted to cry ;W; These were all people I met through the years @ cons/events.
I don't think I have ever had friends this good TTWTT!!

I of course didn't let them all buy me one XD I lost it, I bought myself a new one.
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